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The Thames Exhibition - Celebrating The Tall Ships in Greenwich

From the 5th to the 9th of September, Royal Greenwich will host an incredible fleet of over 50 Tall Ships from around the world, following a breathtaking race to the River Thames from Falmouth in Cornwall.

To celebrate this, M1 Fine Art will be displaying a stunning collection of works depicting varying high-profile artists’ representations of the Thames. Differing wildly in medium, colour, size and overall appearance, this exhibition demonstrates perfectly the many ways in which one subject can be perceived.

The River Thames has long-since been at the very heart of London and indeed UK culture. Used for centuries by British monarchs to involve subjects of the crown in ceremony and festivities displaying their regal status, it has held its significance for The People right through to present times.

Today the Thames defines London to such an extent that residents of the capital identify themselves as either ‘north’ or ‘south’. In fact when just a few years ago the capital’s famous river was left off the London Underground map by Tfl, there was such a public outcry that the Mayor ordered its reinstatement within months.

During the month of September, M1 Fine Art presents a major exhibition of stunning works from a collection of contemporary artists, famed for their depictions of the Thames. From traditional oil paintings and watercolours through to neon installations, this exhibition showcases how this most famous of UK rivers is seen through the eyes of our country’s artistic trailblazers.

From the established names of Hazel Soan, Jayson Lilley and Richard Knight through to rising stars such as Sarah Fosse, Garry Floyd and Jon Gubbay, The Thames Exhibition offers something for everyone with its varied and exciting depictions of this most famous of landmarks.

Exhibition Launches September 4th and continues until September 18th.

Gallery Opening Hours - Mon-Fri 10am-6pm Sat & Sun 9am-7pm