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Travelling Light by Hazel Soan

-  Around the world in 80 Paintings  -

Hazel Soan at M1 Fine Art

M1 Fine Art presents a stunning collection of works by one of the country's foremost authorities on oil and watercolour painting. Wherever Hazel Soan goes, her sketch book goes with her... Read more

M1 Fine Art hosts 'The Royal Institute of Oil Painters'

The ROI Paints Greenwich

Throughout the first half of 2016, members of the UK's most revered organisation pertaining to the production of oil paintings have been out in force on the streets of Greenwich, doing what they do best. With the sole goal in mind of capturing the beauty of this, one of London's most famed and historic locations, a collection of works has been produced from life which will be displayed at M1 Fine Art throughout the entire month of September in an exhibition entitled 'The ROI Paints Greenwich'.

The ROI Paints Greenwich

Led by its president, Ian Cryer and Vice President Tim Benson, The Royal Institute of Oil Painters was founded in 1882 and was granted royal status by King Edward VII in 1909... Read more

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